Aug 20

VMworld Security Sessions


Howdy! It’s that time of year again, VMworld is upon us and the pilgrimage to the Moscone Center is about to begin! I leave for Boston’s Logan Airport in about 3 hours but before I go, I wanted to share with you some of the vSphere Security sessions.  First up is INF2336 – Separating Fact from …

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Aug 04

Zero to Windows Domain Controller in 4 reboots!


Hey there, Yes, it’s time to wow and amaze you with my coding skills! Prepare to be amazed! Or, more appropriately, roll your eyes with my lame ability to hack other peoples code into what I need to get done, quickly. Writing code for me is painful. Oh, like high school physics I can follow …

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Feb 26

Varrow Maddness!

Today I was graciously invited to speak at Varrow Madness on March 20th in Charlotte, NC by their CTO, my friend Jason Nash. I’m super excited! Here’s a proposed abstract for my talk. A Foundation for Security: VMware’s vSphere platform In this session, Mike Foley, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for vSphere Security at VMware, will …

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