Sep 14

A general error occurred


I’m not a fan of obtuse error messages. VMware’s not alone in this by any stretch. When I was an OpenVMS system manager (get off my lawn!) I would get an error message like this: This would cause me to yell “But I AM the system manager dammit!!!” Bottom line, stuff happens. It’s happened before …

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Aug 06

Recommended vSphere-focused Security Sessions at VMworld 2015

Hi everyone, Here’s a quick blog post for you as you’re going through the VMworld Schedule Builder for VMworld 2015. Below is a list of security sessions that are primarily focused on vSphere Security. The NSX guys have a whole other laundry list of awesome sessions but for now, we’re going to focus on vSphere. …

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Jul 15

Custom certificate on the outside, VMware CA (VMCA) on the inside – Replacing vCenter 6.0’s SSL Certificate

A customer recently asked me “How do I replace the “external” SSL certificate of vCenter but still use VMCA in default mode?” Ever curious, I asked “Why?”. His security team required that any “externally” facing management web pages needed to have a custom certificate that chained up to the corporate PKI. But behind that, they …

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