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Feb 26

Varrow Maddness!

Today I was graciously invited to speak at Varrow Madness on March 20th in Charlotte, NC by their CTO, my friend Jason Nash. I’m super excited! Here’s a proposed abstract for my talk.

A Foundation for Security: VMware’s vSphere platform

In this session, Mike Foley, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for vSphere Security at VMware, will discuss his new whitepaper on ESXi security and where he sees the opportunities and future of datacenter security in the years ahead. This is a session on virtualization security for the IT guy. After this session you should be able to guide the conversation with the security team and explain to them that things like “VM escape” are less of a threat than poor operational practices or the compromising of your VI Admin.

I hope to see many of you there!

Feb 26

New ESXi security whitepaper!

Last week I released a whitepaper on ESXi security. I’ve worked on this for the better part of the last 8 months. It was an exhaustive research project that involved LOTS of hunting down answers, ensuring accuracy and double-checking and reviewing everything. As it stands today, it’s the definitive statement on how security works in the ESXi hypervisor. Thankfully it’s getting a lot of great feedback!

If you have feedback, leave it here, send me email or get in touch on Twitter.

Read more about the paper here:


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