Mar 26

Best retail experience…ever

Hi all,

Just a quick posting on my latest trip to the Apple Store. I got to work today and realized that I had left the power adapter for my Macbook Air at home. Well, I live 50 miles from my office so I’m not about to hop in the car and make another 2+ hour round trip. Fortunately, there’s an Apple store less than 4 miles away at the Burlington Mall so I headed over there.

Apple Store, Burlington

It was about 9:15am when I got there. People were inside, learning how to use their new iDevices by the friendly store employees. One of the sales folks came to the door and asked

“Can I help you?”

“Yea, I need to buy a power adapter for a Macbook Air”

“I’m sorry, we don’t open until 10am. Thanks!”

Great. So I stood there and wondered to myself if I should wait until 10am or not. Then I noticed another sales guy, Mike L., coming to the door.

“Can I help you?”

“Yea, I left my power adapter at home for my Macbook Air”

“I’m sorry, but our registered don’t even open until 10am”

“Damn. I’ve got work to do. Any chance I can buy it using my phone?”

“Let me ask the manager”

So, Mike L. went off to the back room and came out and grabbed a box off the shelf. He came to the door and motioned me inside.

“Do you have have an iPhone?”

Showed him my iPhone and said “Of course”

“Great, do you have the Apple Store app?”


“Great, bring that up” He then showed me how to bring up the scanner. The app knew I was in the Burlington store and offered me the option of “Easy Pay”. I scanned the barcode, entered my iTunes password and my CVC code and I was good to go. Seconds later, I had the receipt in my Inbox. I thanked Mike profusely and got his name and told him I was sending an email to Tim Cook.

THIS is how retail should work. Happy customers are returning customers and going the extra mile pays off in spades. Mike L. could have been just like the first young lady. “Oh, sorry!” But he saw a frustrated potential customer and asked his boss if there was something that could be done. It didn’t take a huge amount of effort. He has probably forgotten it by this time.

But I haven’t.