Oct 28

Why do I have work email on my personal Mac? iCloud Keychain

I have recently updated my personal MacBook Air and my work MacBook Pro to Apple’s new OSX Mavericks. All in all, the upgrade has been pretty good. In other words, easy upgrade, things continue to work and it’s mostly working fine. (Though, Mail seems a little wonky, but…)

One of the new features of OSX Mavericks is something called iCloud Keychain. With this, all your passwords and “Internet Accounts” (email, messaging, CalDav, etc) are duplicated on all the Mac’s you enable iCloud Keychain on. It works well. But maybe a little TOO well?

Why do I say this? Well, I try to keep a respectful distance between work and play. I’ll have my personal email account syncing on my work laptop but I don’t like to have work stuff on my personal laptop. I know, it’s kind of weird, but it’s just the way I am. (don’t hate) That said, I was a little annoyed that work email started showing up on my personal MacBook Air. I wanted to get rid of it. Did it mean turning off iCloud Keychain? Well, no. It was actually simpler than I thought. Just delete the account in Internet Accounts and you’ll be prompted with a dialog box similar to this.

Internet Accounts

Click on the image to see full-size

As you can see, you now have the option to delete the account from all synchronized Mac’s (and iDevices) or just from the system you are on. In my case, I removed my VMware email account from my MacBook Air. Now, if I choose to take my Air on a business trip because it’s more convenient, I need only re-enable the account and I’m good to go.

I hope this helps.