Dec 19


Hi there,

A quick post to introduce to you  In my almost 4 years at VMware as the go to person for vSphere security I have been/am inundated with questions around VM Escape. I’ve talked numerous security professionals off the ledge, I’ve been challenged by customers and spent countless hours explaining away just how hard it is to accomplish.

I’m done. I need an escape from VM Escape. It’s a Monday and I got yet another VM Escape question. After tweeting about it and publishing the oft-used VM Escape Meme for the upteenth time, I looked up on WhoIs and found that was available. $18 later and I now own it for 2 years. #cunningplan

From here on out, when asked, I will shamelessly self-promote my new website. Maybe sometime I’ll add banner ads to help pay for it? Who knows. Regardless, today it’s a single, static page of what a VM Escape theoretically is and links to a TON of content I’ve generated over the years on this topic. It’s only VMware focused because they pay the bills. I’m not interested in shaming other hypervisors. If/When it happens it’s a bad day for everyone.

So, there you go. All the links. It’s self-serve. I’ll add stuff as it comes up.

Until then, when it comes to VM Escape, I’m out.