Apr 07

vSphere 6.5 Security Configuration Guide (Hardening Guide) Release Candidate

Security Configuration Guide? What’s that you ask? That’s what used to be called the vSphere Hardening Guide. Well, I didn’t come up with that name, folks who created it many, many years ago called it that. But like everything else in this world, change comes and change is good.

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Jan 26

vSphere 6.5 Security Product Walkthroughs

Are you aware of the VMware Product Walkthrough site? If not, you’re missing out on some really great content. A product walkthrough is a guided “tour” of many of VMware’s products. They are helpful when you want to do a dry run of a task, like encrypting a VM for example, so that you can …

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Dec 19

Introducing VMescape.com

Hi there, A quick post to introduce to you VMescape.com.  In my almost 4 years at VMware as the go to person for vSphere security I have been/am inundated with questions around VM Escape. I’ve talked numerous security professionals off the ledge, I’ve been challenged by customers and spent countless hours explaining away just how …

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